Our Interior Design Philosophy

Kaki Hockersmith of Little Rock’s Kaki Hockersmith Interiors classifies her work as much more than simply interior design. Her design studio offers drafting and space planning services, one of the most extensive sample libraries in Arkansas and her 32 years of experience with many important interior design projects. “We interior designers also act as project managers for many of our clients,” she says. “We deal with architects, builders, subcontractors and manufacturers, so that a client can come to one place to achieve a coordinated result.”

This dedication to seeing an interior design project through from start to finish is not limited to dramatic, whole-house redecorations or totally new construction. Whether a client orders a few pieces of custom furniture, revamps a single room or builds a new home or addition, Kaki works to ensure that the client’s vision is achieved. “There is a constant stream of communication with the client,” she says. “We always know what’s going on with all parts of a project, from furnishings on order to wallpaper being hung.” Kaki particularly enjoys a multi-faceted restoration project as a special challenge. She has demonstrated the expertise and dedication to complete an in-depth historic restoration in her past work on The White House, which included restoring many of the public rooms with consummate historical accuracy as a member of the Committee for the Preservation of The White House and decorating the presidential residence floors. “Accurate research on colors, patterns, textiles and furnishings is so important to maintaining the architectural integrity of a historic building,” she says.

Kaki’s national and worldwide connections help her remain current with industry products and able to sense design trends before they are apparent to the public at large. This particularly benefits her Arkansas clients, since it gives them access to all major markets in this country. “Shopping at markets all over the country and in Europe helps us to keep a fresh, unique perspective,” she says. “Plus, it makes finding exclusive items much easier,” Kaki’s Little Rock showroom, overflowing with catalogs, samples and sample books, is the tip of the iceberg of her myriad of resources. “I have a limited number of retail items,” she says “so people know that they aren’t being pressured to buy merchandise which is already at our store. Clients can come in and browse through samples to create a really custom look, rather like buying an unframed piece of art and framing it to suit your room.”

The variety of choices available to Kaki’s clients allows each of them to express and fulfill their individuality. “I would hope that I don’t have a signature style,” Kaki stresses, “simply because our clients have such different style preferences.” Her main goal has always been to help clients know and express their own tastes, rather than imposing her own on them. “I guide people through the process of finding their own personal aesthetic,” she says, “by exposing them to new things without overpowering their individuality.”